Stormwater Education & Outreach

White Bear Township Is Co-Hosting Landcare Workshop Series This Spring


Are you getting excited to “dig in” to your summer yard projects? Join one of the on-line Blue Thumb workshops before you begin. These workshops will provide simple, DIY ideas that improve your yard AND protect water quality. White Bear Township, Rice Creek Watershed District, and Blue Thumb will be hosting three on-line workshops for area residents this spring. 


Your landcare choices can make your lawn or shoreline resilient! Your lawn can “bounce back” from extreme weather events like heat and major storms. Knowing what to plant and where things should be planted can ensure shade and reduce the temperature around your home. Raingardens and other green stormwater practices soak in rainwater, reduce the amount of runoff entering storm sewers and our lakes and streams. A healthy lawn can also provide important habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.

Sweep Up! Rake Up! Pick Up!



The Watershed Academy is a focal point in EPA's Office of Water for providing training and information on implementing watershed approaches. The Academy's self-paced training modules and webcast seminars provide current information from national experts across a broad range of watershed topics. The University of Minnesota also offers Stormwater Training opportunities.