Where are the Parks located within the Township

Anderson Park

1188 Anderson Lane
Features: Undeveloped

Apple Tree Park

4399 Oakmede Lane
Features: Playground Equipment, Basketball Court

Bellaire Beach

2499 South Shore Blvd
Features: Picnic Area & Shelter, Swimming Beach
*** Please note, the restrooms are only available when the lifeguards are on duty.

Bellaire Park

2560 County Road F
Features: Picnic Equipment, Passive Trails & Benches, Inline Skating, Sliding Hill

Benson Park

Features: Undeveloped

Birch Park

2150 Overlake Road
Features: Playground Equipment, Picnic Equipment, Small Ball Field

Brandlwood Park

5801 Meadowview Drive
Features: Playground Equipment, Skating Rink, Picnic Equipment, Open Field

Columbia Park

1756 Highway 96 E
Features: Playground Equipment, Ball Field, Soccer Field, Skating Rink, 2 Tennis Courts

Deer Meadow Park

2625 Parkview Drive
Features: Playground Equipment, Shelter, Paved Trail, Open Field

Eagle Park

5485 Township Drive
Features: Playground Equipment, 2 Tennis Courts, Ice Skating Rink, Picnic Shelter & Equipment

Four Seasons Park

5287 Hugo Road
Features: Playground Equipment, 2 Tennis Courts, Picnic Shelter & Equipment, Ball Field

Fox Meadow Park

4230 White Bear Pkwy
Features: Playground Equipment, Skating Rink, Picnic Shelter, Open Field

Garden Creek Park

5383 Portland Ave
Features: Playground Equipment, Ice Skating Rink, Picnic Equipment

Garley Park

5560 Peterson Road
Features: Small Ball Field

Glider Park

2626 Suzanne Circle
Features: Playground Equipment, Basketball Court, Small Sliding Hill

Longville Park

2675 1st Street / 5300 Portland Ave
Features: Ball Field, 2 Tennis Courts, Benches, Trails

Manor Park

2569 Stacker Blvd
Features: Playground Equipment

Mead Park

5130 Dillon Street
Features: Playground Equipment, Ball Field, Skating Rink, Picnic Shelter & Equipment

Meadowlands Park

4600 Stoddart Circle
Features: Playground Equipment, Passive Trails, Benches

Moon Lake Park

4701 Greenhaven Drive
Features: Paved Trail

Otter Lake Regional Park

5750 Otter Lake Road (North of Meadowview Drive Intersection)
Features: Ramsey County Dog Park

Otter Park

5868 Otterview Trail
Features: Playground Equipment, Sliding Hill

Polar Lakes Park

1280 Hammond Road
Features: 2 Lighted Baseball Fields, 2 Multi-use Fields, 2 Lighted Soccer Fields, Playground Equipment, Picnic Shelter, Amphitheatre / Stage

Red Pine Park

5860 Red Pine Blvd
Features: Playground Equipment, Ice Skating, Basketball Court, Sliding Hill, Trails

Rutherford Park

2673 Lake Ave
Features: Benches, Undeveloped

Sandterra Park

5891 Pintail Lane
Features: Trail

Tamarack Nature Center

5287 Otter Lake Road
Features: Tamarack Nature Center is a 320-acre nature preserve located within Bald Eagle-Otter Lakes Regional Park. Paved trails, boardwalks and wood chipped paths provide year-round access. A floating dock serves as a scenic overlook onto Tamarack Lake, habitat for heron, turtles, mink and muskrat. The half-mile paved trail circling the restored prairie provides access to an observation deck overlooking Teal Pond.
Other features of the park include:•Year-round open facility; building is staffed by professional naturalists to answer questions.
•Over three miles of cross-country skiing and walking trails.
•Education and recreation programs for schools, community groups, etc.
•Summer day camp programs for students.
•Public programs of a wide variety, such as nature walks, snowshoeing, apple cidering, bird banding, Earth Day & Halloween activities.
Outreach programs are available for school and community groups. On-staff naturalists share nature-related programs with adults and children.
For more information call Tamarack Nature Center, (651)-407-5350.

Walhof Park

5335 Reed Place
Features: Playground Equipment

Wright Park

4099 Bellaire Ave
Features: Undeveloped

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1. Where are the Parks located within the Township
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