2020 Sealcoat Project


Annually, the Township completes a sealcoat project to extend the life of its streets. It is estimated that a sealcoat application can extend the life of pavement from three to six years. Sealcoating is the application of asphalt emulsion followed immediately with an aggregate cover. Excess aggregate is then swept up a few days later. 
This year's project is scheduled to begin July 9, 2020, weather permitting, and the entire project is scheduled to be completed by Friday, July 10 (weather permitting).  The sealcoating process moves along quite rapidly so any delays in travel should be kept to a minimum.

Your street access may be limited during the asphalt emulsion application until the aggregate cover is applied. After the street is open to traffic, please use extreme caution when stopping, starting, or backing out of your driveway. Turning the steering wheel while stopped will cause damage to the new surface during its curing stage. 

Project Schedule

Sealcoating                                                                                                                        July 9, 2020
Crack Sealing       
Patching & Milling 

2020 Sealcoat Maps