Street Improvements


Street maintenance is one of the largest and most expensive responsibilities of Township government. White Bear Township is continuing to make improvements to their Pavement Management Program to preserve the Town’s 42.9 miles of local roads, provide for the safe and efficient travel of its citizens, retain property values, keep the city attractive and desirable, and minimize costs to the property owners and taxpayers for the Town. 

2019 Street Improvements Project

On January 23, 2019, the White Bear Township Town Board ordered the preparation of a feasibility report for the Township’s 2019 street improvements. Below is a map showing the street improvement areas studied in the feasibility report.

Construction is set to begin on this project sometime after August 6th so as not to interfere with Night to Unite activities. Please refer to the Construction to Begin informational flyer for more details.

2019 Street Improvements Map

Preliminary Project Schedule

Adopt Assessments                                                                                             October 21, 2019
Assessment Hearing                                                                                            October 21, 2019
Neighborhood Informational Meeting                                                                   Late September
Authorize Amount to be Assessed                                                                       September 18, 2019
Construction Completed                                                                                      October 15, 2019
Construction Begins                                                                                             Late July
Award Contract                                                                                                    July 15, 2019
Bid Opening                                                                                                         July 11, 2019
Authorize Advertisement for Bid                                                                          June 17, 2019
Accept Plans & specifications                                                                             June 17, 2019
Neighborhood Informational Meeting                                                                  Mid June 2019
Authorize Preparation of Plans & Specifications                                                 June 17, 2019
Order Improvements                                                                                           June 17, 2019
Public Hearing Presentation (PDF)                                                                     June 4, 2019
Neighborhood Informational Meeting Presentation (PDF)                                   May 28, 2019
Call for Public Hearing                                                                                         April 15, 2019
Accept Feasibility Report Presentation (PDF)                                                     April 15, 2019
Annual Meeting Presentation (PDF)                                                                    March 12, 2019     
Neighborhood Informational Meeting Presentation (PDF)                                   February 27, 2019
Authorize Preparation of Feasibility Report                                                          February 2019