Ramsey County 1/2 Section Maps

Access to the 1/2 section maps for White Bear Township is provided through Ramsey County's Tax Map.

To determine which 1/2 section map you should use look at the property identification number for your property and look at the first three sets of numbers which identify the SECTION - TOWNSHIP - RANGE. If your property identification number is 21.30.22.XX.XXXX then you would look at either N213022 or S213022 depending on if your property is located in the North or South part of the section. You may enter the name of a particular half section (N213022, for example) into the search bar to zoom to that area.

Using the dropdown in the Search bar and selecting an option other than Half Section will allow you to search on a street address.

Once you have zoomed to the appropriate area, click on the map and you will get a pop-up with the link to the tax map for that area.