Business Recycling

There is no municipally administered garbage or recycling collection service for businesses in White Bear Township. Businesses are free to select from any garbage/recycling hauler licensed to provide commercial service in the city. Some commercial haulers only provide roll off service. Please check with the company for rates and services.

Setting Up Recycling

Find information on setting up a recycling program at your work, helpful tips, and free assistance programs at the BizRecycling.

Find where to recycle and dispose of anything from your business at the Business Recycling Guide. For recycling tips and donation options, view the BizRecycling Website.

Businesses can cut their purchasing and solid waste bills by reducing waste and recycling more. For more information, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has tips and programs to help businesses reduce waste and increase recycling.

Waste Reduction

The Minnesota Technical Assistance Program is housed at the University of Minnesota. Upon request, staff will evaluate your facility's operation and offer customized suggestions for waste reduction and management. MnTAP operates the free Minnesota Materials Exchange that connects businesses who have reusable goods to those who can use them.

WasteWise is an affiliate of the Chamber of Commerce that provides technical support and public awareness to businesses to help them reduce waste and save money.

What to Do About Other Stuff

Computers, televisions, and other electronic waste may be taken to an electronics recycler, or you can arrange pick up service. Some of these companies will also deal certain hazardous materials such as fluorescent bulbs and rechargeable batteries. You can also ship electronic items including CD-Roms, cell phones and videotapes to GreenDisk.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has publications for businesses on dealing with hazardous waste.